*** DINNER ***

Specials 7/25/2014)

all specials subject to availability

Appetizers : Quesadilla Hawiiano Grilled Pineapple, Crispy Pork and Ham Quesadilla , with Smoked Tomato Salsa & Guacamole Relish  

Mussels of the Day Mussels sautéed with Chorizo simmered in Chefs’ Special Seafood sauce

Sopa: Pozole Verde Green Chili Chicken Soup topped with Pico de Gallo , Fresh Mexican Cream & Tortillas

Entrees :

Tampiqueña Especial- Chili- Crusted Skirt Steak topped with Chipotle Butter served with Spicy Fries & Mexican Roasted Corn

Tacos de Cangrejo - Soft Shell Crab Tacos with Citrus Slaw , Avocado & Queso Fresco served with Smoked Chipotle Salsa ,Rice & Beans

  Dessert :

Tropical Sorbet Sampler Pineapple Habanero , Coconut Mojito & Mango Peach Sorbets served with Passion Fruit Whip Cream & Fresh Berries .  


Fresh Watermelon, White Peach, Chardonnay Sangria

Fresh Cucumber Margarita

Fresh Watermelon Martinis & Margaritas TOO!!!!!!!



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All Combinations served with Rice and Beans


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